My Journey in Finding my Self Worth & Meaning In Life





1779787_10152272189960452_1964962897_nEmily Wu Truong, Mental Health Awareness
Community Activist

By–Emily Wu Truong

“We all struggle in life. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, & of course our weaknesses will make us feel depressed because they make us feel inadequate, vulnerable, and incapable. However, when you confront those feelings of weakness and fear, don’t turn away. Don’t escape. Face them. Examine them. Work on them. Dismantle your triggers. Turn them into OPPORTUNITIES to IMPROVE yourself.”

Read Emily’s entire post on her blog Happy Celebrations with MLE

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We are innovators who continue to overcome adversity and defy the status quo. We offer new solutions for wellness and lead by example that mental health recovery is possible.

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