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My Journey in Finding my Self Worth & Meaning In Life

        Emily Wu Truong, Mental Health Awareness Community Activist By–Emily Wu Truong “We all struggle in life. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, & of course our weaknesses will make us feel depressed because they make us feel inadequate, vulnerable, and incapable. However, when you confront those feelings of weakness and fear, […]

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I Am the Woman I Want to Be and I’m Good!

      By Yesenia S. Lopez-Ornelas I am good. I am the women who I want to be and no person place, or thing can change me or has power over me. I am living life to the fullest; I am healthy and complete. I have a family that is supportive and has be […]

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I’m Good Because I’m My Number One Fan

Saleha Farhad, CSU East Bay Student As a Fijian/Indian female there has been a lot of difficulties for me to justify my career choice to my family and community. I’m Psychology major and have been looked down upon because my family members aren’t sure if my education will lead to a successful career. I started to […]

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