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I’m Good Because I Keep Growing

My name is Cecelia Wynn, and I’m Good because God’s been good to me. He has planted, and continues to plant, more Fruitful, Breathe-taking, Eye-opening Skills and Ideals in my Heart. I have Love for Everyone,even an Enemy. I am to keep my eyes on the prize and keep it pushing. I am to stay positive in every […]

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I’m Good Because of My Faith

There is none good but One. And He will make it fun, If we follow His beautiful sun Of Righteousness, And believe it’s done!   Would that I could achieve This hope and behind leave A world so gone awry. No, believe! He can make it a sigh!   Well, perhaps it is good That […]

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I’m Good Because of Human Connection

*First published on Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care Finding our way back again, the cure for isolation and its ills Massive doses of human connection are needed to counter the alienating influence of technology, disruption of the village and a growing culture of isolation. I remind myself often how wonderful it is to […]

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