What is the I’m Good Campaign?

A campaign to bring awareness of mental health services, resources, and tools available to the African American community. Mental Health is a taboo topic in many communities, but it is time for change.

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How common are mental health challenges?

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 individuals globally struggle with a mental health issue at any given time. If you expand that to the course of a lifetime, the number increases to 1 in 2. That means if it’s not you who is struggling, it’s someone you know or love.

Our Partners

I’m Good is a project of the Everyone Counts Campaign and PEERS, an Oakland-based mental health advocacy nonprofit organization. The goal of the Everyone Counts Campaign is to inform the public about mental health, empower those living with mental health issues, and put an end once and for all to stigma and discrimination. The Campaign is funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63).

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