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Our Mission

PEERS is excited to announce the re-launch of the I’m Good blog campaign! The purpose of this online series is to give those on the path to mental and emotional health challenges a safe, solid space to share what sustains their wellness. It’s also a platform that encourages community members to honor their personal journeys regardless of shame, stigma, hurtful labels, and day-to-day stresses that make it hard to thrive.

PEERS is Good Because….

To kick off this effort, several of PEERS staff members are setting the tone by expressing why we’re good on our diverse and rewarding roads to recovery:

“I’m good because I don’t let my bipolar diagnosis define me.”  -Lynn Rivas

“I’m good because I have finally given myself permission to ask for help, and I know I am surrounded by people who are willing to support me.” -Toshie Narita

“I’m good because I know I’m not alone.” -Lyndsey Ellis

“As long as I continue to have hope, to self-advocate and seek the truth while taking personal responsibility, I’m good!” -Kenneth ‘Kozi’ Arrington

“I’m good because I work in Alameda County which supports mental health challenges programs.” -Nancy Lee

“I have hope and so, I AM GOOD!” -Vanetta Johnson

Get Involved

The first step towards healing is open acknowledgment and self-acceptance. Join us in taking that step to own our truths and be an uplifting witness to others’ truths. Help us keep the dialogue open.

Send one of the following to im-good@peersnet.org and we’ll post it on our blog.

Write a blog post. 250-500 words

Record a video or podcast. Tell us your story or someone else’s.

Send art and photos. Express yourself through a visual medium. Please make sure all visuals are copyright-free.

Posts can cover anything that speaks to the I’m Good theme and relates to mental health including:

  • Why you’re good
  • Your own personal story of recovery, or peer support
  • Supporting a family member with a mental health challenge
  • Things you do in your daily life to “stay good” or de-stress
  • Your favorite wellness tools like soccer, art, meditation, reading, traveling etc.
  • Ending mental health stigma

More ways to get involved:

Post the I’m Good campaign badge on your website. Show your participation in the movement and inspire others to follow. The badge is on the very bottom of this page.

Share. Post your work and re-post others’ works on social networks. When you post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, use the hashtag #imgood.


Our Partners

I’m Good is a project of the Love More, Judge Less Campaign by PEERS, an Oakland-based mental health advocacy nonprofit organization. The goal of the Love More, Judge Less Campaign is to inform the public about mental health, empower those living with mental health issues, and put an end once and for all to stigma and discrimination. The Campaign is funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63).

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