I’m Good Because I Listen to Music

For me, music has always been a major source for joy and even strength for me. I know I’m good as long as I’m singing. When it comes to my mental ...

I’m Good Because I’ve Turned Negative Self-Talk into Positive Thought Patterns

I’m good because as far as I can remember, I’ve had horrible re-occurring negative thoughts about myself. “You don’t belong here!”, “You’re worthless!”, “You’re useless!”, “You’re not good enough!”, “You ...

I’m Good Because I Have Support

I’m good because I have a supportive community. I can’t recover without help.

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I’m Good Because I Keep Growing

My name is Cecelia Wynn, and I’m Good because God’s been good to ...

I’m Good Because of My Faith

There is none good but One. And He will make it fun, ...

I’m Good Because of Human Connection

*First published on Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care Finding our ...

I’m Good Because I Have the Support of ‘Black Men Speak’ & Men of Color

The mission of Black Men Speak–established 2009–is to inform and enlighten the mental health community and the general public on issues concerning African American males with mental health and substance abuse challenges. Our goal is to work towards healing the African American community from stigma, discrimination, and trauma by sharing our stories to promote and […]

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I’m Good Because Hope is Within Reach

  For over 20 years, I had a loving family. I married my high school sweetheart and we raised a beautiful, clever daughter. I worked hard to take care of my family and be the best wife and mother I could be. But life doesn’t always follow the path we think it will. In my […]

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I’m Good Because My Mental Health Doesn’t Determine My Success

Im good because I know my mental health does not determine my success. Im good because I know the power that is within me. Im good because I’ve seen the darkness, but I’m here still spreading the light. Im good because I know I’m not crazy. Im good because I can feel the greatness within […]

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I’m Good Because I Practice Yoga

  I’m good because I practice yoga. Yoga works well with my WRAP. At PEERS I’ve made presentations about yoga and spirituality, used it in Tobacco Freedom group and facilitated yoga as a staff wellness activity. In fact, I credit yoga for starting my recovery journey. When I couldn’t shut the noise in my head, […]

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I’m Good Because I Believe in the Power of Positivity

I’m good because I keep negative/undermining/cut-throat energies (ie people, places and things) out of my positive circle. Sometimes the world can be a harsh place but if we keep our loving/unchanging/trustworthy spirit in one peace at all times, it might start spreading and rub off on others. Until we meet again….      

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I’m Good Because of Self Acceptance & Self Advocacy

Identity and inclusion are the two most difficult things for members of the LGBT+ community. In recent years, we have seen a growing social movement for LGBT+ social equality. Within this movement, numerous members of the LGBT+ community have confronted the invisible dictators within their notebooks by openly speaking out about their personal struggles. These […]

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PEERS is Good! : An All-Staff Post

As 2017 comes to a close, PEERS staff is happy to share what’s made us good this year. Check out what wellness tools have contributed to our wellness and hopefully, will help us remain positive voices in our community in 2018! PEERS is good because:  “I love where I work and the work we do.” […]

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I’m Good Because I Enjoy Drawing & Painting

I’m good because I get to draw and paint to relax. It was a few years ago when I realized that the things I would draw looked decent enough to present. Then I started painting. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting for others.

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I’m Good Because I Write Poetry

We were at a play that was being performed in a big auditorium with red, white and blue seats. He had arrived early. He had arrived early, and was waiting for me. He even saved me a seat. The show was sold out. It was a performance of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice – (Once upon a time, […]

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I’m Good and #MyMentalHealthIn5Words

Over the past 24 hours, the hashtag #MyMentalHealthIn5Words has exploded on social media, saturating the Twitterverse with more than 62,000 tweets and rising into the top ten global trends. Here are some contributions from PEERS staff members: “Struggle, work, hope, love, help.” — Vilma Sakalauskaite “Forward movement, with gentle reflection.” — Ashlee Jemmott “Peace! Blessings. Forgiving. Love. Kindness.” — Kenneth Kozi […]

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