I’m Good Because I Listen to Music

For me, music has always been a major source for joy and even strength for me. I know I’m good as long as I’m singing. When it comes to my mental ...

I’m Good Because I’ve Turned Negative Self-Talk into Positive Thought Patterns

I’m good because as far as I can remember, I’ve had horrible re-occurring negative thoughts about myself. “You don’t belong here!”, “You’re worthless!”, “You’re useless!”, “You’re not good enough!”, “You ...

I’m Good Because I Have Support

I’m good because I have a supportive community. I can’t recover without help.

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I’m Good Because I Keep Growing

My name is Cecelia Wynn, and I’m Good because God’s been good to ...

I’m Good Because of My Faith

There is none good but One. And He will make it fun, ...

I’m Good Because of Human Connection

*First published on Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care Finding our ...

I’m Good Because I’m Enough

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I’m Good Because I’ve Learned to Laugh!!

Laughing is not only to just enhance my own mood or well-being, but also to improve others around me. Everyone enjoys being around funny people. Not only are we usually fun in general, But funny people literally make others feel better! And the great thing about making others feel better through laughter is that I’m making […]

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Finding Clown Magic as a Way to Stay Good While Recovering from Complex PTSD

This Monday I  started group therapy  for complex PTSD.  Three years ago, after my ex-boyfriend Chris died from an overdose, I went to grief counseling where I was told that I needed trauma therapy. Outside the grief counseling office was a Mystery Machine van from Scooby Doo- a real life sized Mystery Machine van.  One of my […]

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I’m Good Because Cartoon Art Helps Me Embrace My Colorful Imagination


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I’m Good Because the Voices of Our Youth Are Being Heard

Teens often see what we cannot. Three years ago, my teenage neighbor, Jacqueline Monetta, came to me for advice. She wanted to make a film to prevent teen suicide.  She lost her best friend to suicide when they were just 16. Her idea was simple.  Teens who had experienced depression or had attempted or thought […]

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I’m Good Because I Don’t Have To Be Perfect

I’m Good because of My Higher Power. He’s Perfect in all His ways, and I try to follow His will for my life. I make mistakes along the way because I’m not perfect, but He’s taught me that mistakes are inevitable and sometimes they come with the program in our lives. I pray He wakes […]

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I’m Good Because Love Transcends Space & Time

You said it was impossible, but now I can say that I have given you the impossible. I love you now when all physical desire is gone and truly impossible. I love you in the furthest reaches of my mind, where you are a daily meditation. I love you on my drive to work. I […]

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I’m Good Because My Good Turned Into Great

Check out Champ’s new spoken word message that offers words of encouragement, here:

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I’m Good Because I Explore My Deepest Anxieties Through Journals & Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes

I enjoy multi-media journaling and building stained glass kaleidoscopes to give away to others who are struggling with mental health challenges, loss, or addiction.  While we often feel isolated in our madness, the vulnerability we experience has the power to (and does) build a creative and brilliant collective strength among us. My hope is that […]

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I’m Good Because I’m Breaking the Cycle of Stigma in My Family and My Community

    Describe your background. What was your upbringing like?  I was raised in North Richmond. My mom was a registered nurse and a single parent. My dad was a marine corps boxer. He also used to be an enforcer in the Black Panther Party before he became religious. He had mental health issues but […]

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