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It Hasn’t Always Been Easy, But I’m Good

    By Anonymous I’m a 32 year old Asian female.  I grew up in Oakland most of my life and have experienced so many tragic things in my life. I experienced the loss of friends and family at an early age, the lack of opportunity growing up in a low income family.  I have […]

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I’m Good and I’m Beginning to Understand

By Phat Ly I’m good. But I wasn’t always good. I have so many regrets about my younger years that at any moment I can feel angry or sad just by seeing or hearing something that reminded me of an awful time. My father passed away, and at his funeral I was almost happy he left. […]

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Wilderness Hermit Charlie’s Journey to Recovery

By Chuck Hughes I grew up in a children’s orphanage (Children’s Baptist Home of Southern California) in Inglewood, CA. It was during the height of the cold war during the late 1950’s & early 60’s. Those where some really hectic and stressful times for all in North America, particularly in Southern California. We would have […]

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