I’m Good Because I Keep Growing

Cecelia Wynn - Im Good

Cecelia Wynn – Speaker’s Bureau ‘Lift Every Voice & Speak’ participant / Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) member

My name is Cecelia Wynn, and I’m Good because God’s been good to me. He has planted, and continues to plant, more Fruitful, Breathe-taking, Eye-opening Skills and Ideals in my Heart. I have Love for Everyone,even an Enemy. I am to keep my eyes on the prize and keep it pushing. I am to stay positive in every situation,circumstance or adventure I encounter in my life.My Higher Power’s goals/dreams/desires for me have played themselves out well in my life.
My Destiny has not been reached because there’s more work He has for me to do down here. We get one chance at this thing called LIFE and I plan to LIVE it accordingly.
I’m also Good because I actively listen to my Family (Sons,Sister,Brothers,Aunts,Dad,etc), my Friends, Co-workers and Allies. I even think it’s Important to listen to a complete Stranger sometimes.
We can learn something new everyday. Your upper-hand or your boss at work, especially. They may want you to do something completely different from your usual routine. If you want to keep your job, maintain a healthy long-lasting relationship with anyone or anything – we should treat that person or that thing just as important as we want to be treated. Goodnight my Good people. Peace, I’m out.


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