I Am the Woman I Want to Be and I’m Good!



Yesenia S. Lopez-Ornelas


By Yesenia S. Lopez-Ornelas

I am good. I am the women who I want to be and no person place, or thing can change me or has power over me. I am living life to the fullest; I am healthy and complete. I have a family that is supportive and has be there for me through the best memories and worst. My parents married young and immigrated to the United States young and ever since they have been working hard to give me and my sibling a better youth and life than they had. Both my parents worked at a very young age to help their parents while they went to school at time. My parent never finished school because they always worked, so for them education is their priority for their children. Growing up I was over shadowed by my sister; my sister is beautiful, smart, funny, and carrying, and respectful person. I have always felt that I had to compete with her since my parent would always talk about her and how academically good she was to me and to other people. I struggled a lot always feeling down; until I put a stop to it I felt that I always struggled to be something that I was not. I remember the day I broke down to my parents that I was tired of them putting me down because I didn’t have the grades or I didn’t do things like my sister. I lost a lot me; I wanted them to view me as the person that I am that is beautiful, smart, social, carrying, creative, emotional, stubborn, and artistic. What I am very thankful of my sister is that she never showed off her accomplishment to me and she always has viewed me as the person that I am that I struggled to find.

We all go through struggles and within those struggles we forget who we truly are. I have learned a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my goals, and what I want for me. I am a very independent person I like to do things on my own and I tend not to open up a lot about how I am feeling; I keep my own secrets and grudges to myself. I find it hard to forgive and forget because I don’t express what is in that box of mine. I am currently working on myself, on my goals in life, and in school. I have overcome emotional and low self-esteem obstacles within finding myself, but I can tell you I am good and I am the women I want to be.



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