I’m Good Is Here!

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Dear Global Community,

After months of meetings, brainstorming and planning– I’m Good: A Blog Campaign for Mental Health has begun! And I’m Good because a vision is now a reality.

We created this campaign to change the conversation of mental and emotional health. We ALL need to take care of our mental health. We don’t want people to feel ashamed anymore. We don’t want people to feel that there’s no hope for what they’re going through. Recovery is real!  Even in the depths of my own struggles with depression, it was that little, pinhole of light that got me through.

Sometimes that light was a hug from a mentor or a phone call from a friend who kept me laughing. Or it looked like a journal entry that helped me take a step towards healing. That light has been a daylong retreat at a local meditation center or an eye-opening appointment with my therapist. The light has literally been the light of the sun during an afternoon walk that awakened me.  It has been a poem by a coworker that lifted my spirits or dancing in my living room to one of my favorite songs.

All of those things and more are why I’m Good and continue to have hope. Am I perfect? No. But I’m Good.

During the entire month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, check this blog for inspirational stories from people who have overcome or are overcoming mental health and emotional challenges. And think about the things or people in your life that help with your wellness and peace of mind.

We’d love to hear your story!  Please participate and inspire someone else. You can learn how by clicking here.  Show your support with Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram postings, videos etc. about the campaign. The hashtag is #imgood.

As I always say, as long as you have a brain in your head, you should be taking care of your mental health. Which is why this campaign is for EVERYONE.

Peace and wellness to you all!


Jenee Darden
I’m Good Project Lead



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Jenee Darden is the project leader for the I'm Good Campaign. She is also Web Content and PR Specialist for the nonprofit PEERS. And she hosts the award-winning podcast Mental Health and Wellness Radio which you can listen to at www.peersnet.org/radio.

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