Get Involved

Mental health affects everyone, whether you have a diagnosis or not. I’m Good provides a supportive and judgment-free zone where we can learn from each other and share our personal experiences with wellness — the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Join our community in one of the following ways:

Write a blog post. About 500 words will do, but feel free to make it shorter or longer.

Record a video or podcast. Tell us your story or someone else’s.

Post art and photos online. Express yourself through a visual medium.

Post the I’m Good campaign badge on your website. Show your participation in the movement and inspire others to follow. The badge is on the very bottom of this page.

Share. Post your work and re-post others’ works on social networks. When you post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, use the hashtag #imgood.

No blog? No website? No problem. Just submit your work to us at and we’ll post it on our blog. If you would like, please submit a photo of you or a copyright-free photo of something that represents you.

You can cover anything empowering related to mental health on your blogs, videos, etc. related to the I’m Good theme including:

  • Why you’re good
  • Your own personal story of recovery, or peer support
  •  Supporting a family member with a mental health challenge
  • Things you do in your daily life to “stay good” or de-stress
  • Your favorite wellness tools like soccer, art, meditation, reading, traveling etc.
  • Ending mental health stigma
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