I’m Good Because Weaving is One of My Wellness Tools

Rev Barbara Meyers - Im Good

Rev. Barbara Meyers – Minister / Artist / eCPR Facilitator – Here’s a picture of me weaving at a Navajo reservation in 2002.


My name is Barbara Meyers.  I’m good because I learned how to balance my life with many dimensions that it takes to be in recovery.  Earlier in my life I was very focused on career and achievement.  I was very good at it, but that kind of one-sided life wasn’t healthy in the long run and resulted in a serious psychological crisis.  What I learned from that experience was that it was important to have other things in my life: weaving, music, fun activities, a social life, connection with nature, and purposeful work around a spiritual center.  It took a while to discern a healthy path, but when I did, a whole new world opened up.  I ended up changing my career to ministry, going to seminary and becoming a minister focused on helping people with mental health problems.

Barbara Meditating

I’ve told my story in a video that you can see here:  http://mpuuc.org/faces-hope-resilience-rev-barbara-f-meyers/

My artistic expression is weaving.  A number of my pieces have been in local art exhibits for the last 10 years or so.  I’d like to share some here:

The piece below is called Connections.  It shows different kinds of people connected together under a colorful umbrella.  It was in the lobby of the Connections Counseling Center in Fremont, and is a depiction of their logo.

Rev Meyers - IG II

The piece below was done for my church. It is called Peace Bird Chalice, and depicts a dove rising from the flames of a chalice, which is one of the religious symbols of my faith.

Rev Meyers- IG - III

The piece below depicts an egret in flight.

Rev Meyers - IG IV

I’ve been weaving for 30 years and it helps balance my life!

P.S.  If you want to learn how to weave, let me know.  I’ve taught several others and would be happy to teach you!



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