I’m Good Because I Survived & Strive to Help Others

Andrew Shu - Im Good (2)

Andrew Shu – Anti-Stigma Advocate

Life is good. I survived the depths of a psychotic episode and now I’m currently working at the California Clubhouse helping others with mental health challenges find jobs and regain fulfillment in their lives.

I’m applying to Grad School for Social Work. Wish me luck!

Anyways, even though I’m moving on my from a psychotic episode, I haven’t left the mental health community just yet. I plan on becoming a social worker and possibly, a lawyer specializing in giving people with mental health issues a second chance at life. After that, I would like to make my way into politics to help people with mental health challenges not be discriminated against by having strong leaders advocating for more education and awareness on mental illness. I would like to see mental health experiences treated more as a life-transitioning period rather than a crippling disability.

Overall, I try to keep my life positive. After all, I’m still alive, I have my health, and I lived to tell the tale. I hope you enjoyed the read – when life is good, there’s not much to say. So, I’m silently good 🙂

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