I’m Good Because I’m Me


Amelia LigonsBlogger and student Amelia

By- Amelia
Today is a new day. I am optimistic about my life. I am hopeful about my future. Most importantly, I am grateful for who I am. “I’m Good” because life is precious, and so am I.

Precious is an adjective which people typically use when describing others. The thought of calling “me” precious is a little hard to swallow at times. As a 39 year old female, I have learned my own self-awareness plays a part in how others treat me. In reading the definition of precious I have learned it means ‘of high price or great value; very valuable or costly; dear; beloved’. So, today I am embracing that definition and working towards believing I am that “precious” person…a person worthy of endearment.

I may sound a bit confident, but I will be the first to admit I have not always felt this way. My life has been blessed, and I have also had my share of obstacles…challenges that were just plain difficult to overcome at times. Yes… the thought of whether or not I would make it crossed my mind as I was going through it. I have always had a strong belief and faith in God. I love my family, and their support for me has been amazing. I even have some good friends and acquaintances that showed support along the way. People were there for me, and I still struggled at times and fell into places of doubt and fear about myself. My own self-confidence and esteem were challenged. I have even fallen into places of weakness where I have felt I am or was not enough. Those places were dark and did not promote a healthy frame of mind.


One might ask, “How do you overcome such a place? How do you get back on the track of believing in yourself and being hopeful about your own life”? My answer would be I saw the light in me. Along my way seeds of self-worth, strength and courage were instilled in me. I followed the example of falling, failing and getting back up. The seeds within me were watered when I took the first step to move. I truly enjoy singing, so I engaged in opportunities that allowed me to sing and be an encouragement to other people. I love education, so I took the steps to return back to school. I love interacting with people, so I chose a career which allowed me to collaborate and help others. I believe in God, so I take the time to pray, read the bible, grow and go to church. I love the outdoors, so I engage in leisure and fun physical activities.


All in all, my potion for being “Good” is trying and having faith in things I cannot always see. I am a “precious” work in progress. I work on loving myself. I am hopeful about my life and future. “I am Good” because I am me!

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