I Carry the Good from a Troubled Past

By Clayton Hua

I am good because I have many regrets about my past but yet I am still happy with who I am today. Throughout my childhood I have always been in trouble especially in school. It was a constant issue that would anger my parents. I could never control myself while at school and I would never know what to do in order to avoid getting in trouble. I would always tell myself every morning before I went to school that I would try and behave. I would still continue to get letters home regarding my behavior at school. This put an emotional toll on my parents and me because we could never find an answer. I am good because even through a troubled childhood I believe it made me a better person today. I have made plenty of mistakes at a young age and this has made me the man I am today. I see my troubled years as a child beneficial to me today because I have seen many of my friends and family make the same mistake but at an older age than I. My troubled behavior would continue until recently when I started to think about the bigger picture and how there are consequences for all my actions. I am good because I am constantly looking to improve myself and make myself happy.

I am good today because I try to make the best out of everything I currently have. My father had a heart-attack a year ago which was a big warning sign for him to change his lifestyle. However being the stubborn person he is he has been unwilling to change his lifestyle to avoid another major health problem. This has put a huge emotional toll on our entire family yet he has no intention to change his lifestyle. I am good today because even though my dad is unwilling to make sacrifices to better his health, I am making the best out of the time we have with him now.

I will continue to be good because I will learn from all these life experiences and in the end it will better my life for the future. I am good because I know that no matter what happens my family will always support me and help me through times of struggle. I am good because I can say that I have one of the most loving families in the world that I can always count on no matter what happens.


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