Yes, I’m Good

By Anthony B.
Yes, I’m Good.
            Sometimes I wake up in the morning not feeling all that great, but I’m still good. At times, there are days that feel like there is just too much to do, but I’ve learned that setting goals greatly can help to diminish that feeling. Whether they are weekly or daily goals, they help me to get through those days. I set them reasonably and they definitely help. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when they’re complete and it helps me alleviate stress as well.
            Going back to middle school, I can remember being extremely stressed for tests. I couldn’t explain it and my parents and siblings always told me that I needed to stop stressing…. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know why, I just would get extremely nervous. I would get stomach aches when pulling up to school and I couldn’t sleep at times. As time passed, I learned ways to help alleviate that stress. So once I entered high school, I was a lot better, but the night before tests and the morning of, I would still feel sick. I began to start studying weeks in advance, even if it was just for 20 minutes. This helped to minimize how much studying I needed to do once the test neared. This has greatly helped me in college, especially when midterms and finals weeks come around. Planning in advance and setting those goals help me to alleviate stress and avoid too much work and studying piling on at once. I have also found other ways to keep me good.
            I have also found hobbies that have helped to keep me good. Everybody is different though and what works for one individual will not necessarily work for another. Through trying many different activities, I have found that getting outdoors, where it’s quiet has been great for me. Whether that be going for hikes or taking a trip to the lake to go fishing; they both help me to just relax and get away. I can fish for hours at a time, alone or with friends. Just being out there and away from the steady sounds of cars zooming by helps. Sometimes I just sit on the dirt and observe what is going on around me. Watching the birds flying overhead and just listening to hear the animals can be so peaceful. Catching fish is always fun and at times can be exhilarating. When I feel one fighting on the end of the line, then I bring it to shore for a picture, and finally I release it to fight another day. I love it. Although, catching the fish is enjoyable, it is not necessary for me to feel great about being in and around nature.
Finding ways to alleviate stress day by day helps to make me feel well.
We’re growing and improving every day. We’re getting better and better. That is what it’s all about.
And that is why I’m Good. 
-Anthony B

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