Keeping My Head Up Keeps Me Good

By Kacy Walker
I’m good!
I’m good because I keep my head up everyday even when things seem like there not going the way I want. Somedays are harder than others and sometimes it seems like Im always battling the world and what is going on but I have family that I love and an amazing Fiancé.
I’m good because I care about people and want to make a difference in this world. Right now I have a job where I can do this. I work with children who have autism and make a difference in there lives and it makes me feel good.
I’m good because I have goals and want to accomplish them so my family can have a better life. I am going to college and am getting a degree in Business Finance. My goal is to finish up and get a job as a Financial Analyst and become a business woman that can support my parents and family.
I’m good because I have a roof over my head and work hard in order to have the things I need in order to live. I live with my fiancé and am blessed to be able to live with him and call it our home.
I’m good because I am blessed and have an amazing family that loves and supports me. I have a sister, brother, mother, and father that I can call whenever I need them and they are always there for me, just like I am there for them.
I’m good because I am expecting and going to be the best mom ever. I am excited to be a mother and have always dreamed about having children. I am going to do whatever I can to make my baby have the best life ever and am going to teach him/her to be a good person.
I’m good because I love life. Sometimes I have negative thoughts and think about all the bad things that could happen, but I am good because I try everyday to think about the good things I have been blessed with how I am lucky to be alive and healthy.
There are so many more reasons to say, but I’m good!

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