I’m Good Because I Practice Yoga

Vilma - Im Good

Vilma Sakalauskaite – PEERS Program Assistant


I’m good because I practice yoga. Yoga works well with my WRAP. At PEERS I’ve made presentations about yoga and spirituality, used it in Tobacco Freedom group and facilitated yoga as a staff wellness activity. In fact, I credit yoga for starting my recovery journey. When I couldn’t shut the noise in my head, I found my way to a yoga studio. I moved away from my life in Chicago and landed in California, not knowing what I wanted from life. When, in the darkness of my soul, nothing seemed of value, I felt that yoga and meditation were the right things to do. The teacher suggested that I do what I like and lots of it was a way to finding happiness. So I did lots of yoga. I guess, I learned quite a bit about it and got certified as a yoga teacher in Mexico.

~ Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual discipline which originated in ancient India. The word yoga means to join or unite, the unison of body, mind and spirit, uniting all the aspects of yourself, or uniting with a higher power or spiritual force.  You can believe in a God or gods, or nothing at all. ~

It was brought to my attention how much I was living in my head versus living from my heart. When life’s adversities push the soul out of human body to the brain, resulting in restlessness, yoga helps to bring awareness back to the body. Yoga teaches ethical values, like non-attachment, non-stealing and non-violence. Yoga is non-competitive and for everyone. It is never too late, and you’re never too old or too sick to practice yoga. I can choose a practice for my own level of comfort. What started as a physical exercise for me, evolved into more of a spiritual practice. Because I am a part of something bigger than me, I have to be gentle and say nice words to myself. Universe loves and supports me. I am good because I belong and I am taken care of.


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