PEERS is Good! : An All-Staff Post

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As 2017 comes to a close, PEERS staff is happy to share what’s made us good this year. Check out what wellness tools have contributed to our wellness and hopefully, will help us remain positive voices in our community in 2018!

PEERS is good because: 

“I love where I work and the work we do.”

“Having a laugh, or hearing laughter.”

“I celebrate and enjoy today because today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

“Therapy, medication, love and patience from my partner, openness of my colleagues, walks with my dog, staying present.”

“Long, hot showers. They are lovely.”

“I’m good when I’m spending a lot of time making art and doing creative projects. I can get really into a project and spend hours every day working on a craft. It both calms and engages my mind and my body. And, afterwards I can feel proud that I’ve made something and that I’ve spent my time on something productive and enriching.”

“I have wonderful people to talk to that know how to just listen.”

“I’m happy and blessed.”

“Writing- Singing – Caregiving – Communing with nature – Groundation with my Spirituality – Sleeping – Watching cartoons – Cooking/baking – Walking on the beach – Working”

“No pain such as headaches. I get enough sleep and eat healthy foods.”

“I’m good when I I work out, it energizes me and keeps me in a good mood.”

“Eating chocolate!”

“I listen to NPR. I know it’s a bit old-fashioned but there is something real and personal about the news on the radio!”

“I chat with people I care about.”

“I help others in their wellness. I feel better when others feel better.”

“A great massage!”

“I cook with my family, look for new menus and try out different healthy foods.”

“Walking/exercise, reading (non-textbooks), writing in my journal, deep breathing, yoga.”

“Support from family and friends, and of course, my cat Angelina. She is a great supporter!”

“Running, balancing my need for human connection with my need for alone time, eating healthy, and staying curious about the world and open to new experiences. Happy 2018, everybody!”

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