I’m Good Because I Have Unconditional Love

I'm Good Because...

Kara Alyssa A. Bautista – Best Now! Intern


I'm Good Because... (1)

Every morning at 7:00AM, I am greeted by the sound of little paws chipping away at the paint outside my bedroom door. Then, the chirping begins and, like Snow White, I am called to life by their celestial song. I pull off the veil of darkness enveloping their cage to reveal five tiny, vibrantly colored, feathered friends; my parakeets.

After making sure they have fresh food and water, I finally leave my room and the little creatures who are out pawing at my door escort me to the bathroom and accompany me as I prepare for the day ahead. The meows and purrs and licks of approval are all indicative of their affectionate sentiments towards me and I leave the house knowing I am loved.

Love can be conveyed in different ways. My cats and birds express it daily. Those three magic words aren’t necessarily the ultimate representation of the embodiment of love although they are a way of sharing your affections. Some people see it as being served chicken noodle soup on a cold winter day when they’re sick. Others feel appreciated when a loved one helps out with a household chore. There is no right or wrong way to demonstrate affection. My pets are a tangible illustration of the love I receive but the love I am most grateful for comes from one person: my mother.

My mother does not articulate her love verbally but I know she loves me. Throughout all the years, she has sacrificed her time, her health, her money and so much more to try and build a foundation for me so that I can have a better life. She brings me home food, rewarded my excellent performance at school with small gifts, takes the day off when I’m sick and communicates interest in what I’m currently involved in. Her vocal silence is overshadowed by her dedication to being a mother; the greatest display of love. It is a debt I can never repay and I am blessed that I am surrounded with immeasurable amounts of unconditional love by both my pets and her. This is why I am good.

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