I’m Good Because This is My Story


Austin Tam – Advocate for Asian Pacific Islander (API) Disability Awareness

I’m good because I want to be authentic

I’m good because I’ve overcome to tell my story

I’m good because I have an ADHD and cognitive disorder and I wouldn’t change myself for the world

I’m good because I was fortunate to have the resources and most of all family who embraced me despite cultural and societal stigma

I’m good because there are other stories and voices other than just my own, about people living with disabilities and mental health challenges

I’m good because I overcame and got to the root cause of why I felt so low about myself

I’m good because I’m not alone

I’m good because I could start looking past those limitations and deficits, and solely look at my own gifts and graces

I’m good because living with a disability has helped me become more empathetic and expressive

I’m good because I am who I am

I’m good because despite it being a roller coaster of a ride, this is the journey I was given to walk on

I’m good because it could be worse

I’m good because it’s not about me, but rather, it’s about the collective community and people’s own courageous stories living with mental health conditions and disabilities

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