I’m Good Because It’s Good!


Champ Green – Poet/Rapper

Its 8:17 am – smoothie still needs to be made. I have no shoes on. Brushing my teeth simultaneously as I’m thinking about all the things I have to do just before I can enter into this battle “gladiator school” I call the workforce.

Deadlines have to be made, I’m scatter brain allowing my thoughts to take me on one hell of a rollercoaster ride called anxiety. This is causing my heart to accelerate at an alarming rate. I’m now allowing my thoughts to get the best of me. Normally I would just buckle my seatbelt and hang on for dear life! However I chose to renegotiate the contract with my anxiety and my thoughts. Although I’m a work in progress I can boldly say assuredly I’m Good!

For years, I struggled with living in fear of thinking negative or the outcomes that could happen. I persevered and started changing my narrative. It was a process but I constantly told myself – just like I focused on the scenarios that weren’t the most uplifting, I can focus on the opposite of those things to empower and educate me.

Once I started this method of thinking the anxiety got less and less. I started feeling more empowered. My confidence started injecting into my mind. My faith was getting stronger. I also had to withdraw those good qualities I had in my memory bank. I started to look around and use the resources around me which made me complain less but more eager to apply the knowledge that had been bestowed upon me.  This was also therapeutic. What catapulted me to higher heights was the love from my Mom, 3 older brothers that were like my dad, and my little brother. They motivate me. My little brother Reg is autistic and speaks no verbal language but speaks and teaches me in so many manners that it is hard to expound on without tearing up. He inspires me daily. He shows me how to be authentically different, artistic, saturated and infused in love!

As you can see, family is important to me – it is how I get my motivation and inspiration. It helps me to model love the same way and show others what I’ve been a witness to. That is first and foremost. Then, God is the center that keeps me grounded. Having that helps me deal with life on a day to day basis. I’m not a super-hero. I REPEAT!!! I’M NOT A SUPER HERO – although I act like it sometimes! I lived enough to know that I don’t know everything and I’m human and we all make mistakes. In life, I’m learning to take things one day at a time no more no less. I like to embrace and celebrate life whether that’s having beautiful conversations listening to all types a music that resonates in your soul, or even finding new different food spots that’s rite under your nose. I said all that to say that I like to enjoy myself by engaging with beautiful people, loving and being loved, and every now again surprised with new found things to add on my tasteful wellness pallet to fall in love with. That’s my survival wellness kit.


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