Through the Loss, Through the Pain…I’m Still Good

By Pryana Mishra

I’m good because I’ve learnt to deal with all the ups and downs god has given me. During my freshman year of high school, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the doctors told us he would be gone within 6 months. This completely broke my family, especially me because I was daddy’s little girl and I was very close to him. When he passed away, I became depressed. I didn’t know how to deal with life, I would cry all the time. Even today, it’s very hard on me. The way I deal with it, I think about all the good memories we shared. We have so many pictures of him and whenever I look at them, although I do get sad, I’m also happy because I got to share so many memories with him and he was always a happy person. My mom had a hard time as well, and we’re both there for each other for support and just talking it out while laughing anf crying.

During my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with TMJ (tempromandibular joint disorder). This causes my jaw to lock, cause really bad pain, and make a clicking sound. The pain at times would be so bad that I couldn’t even eat, every time I would try to eat something, my jaw would get locked and it would require a lot of strength just to get it aligned in place. I would cry myself to sleep every night because the pain was just so unbearable. The doctors said that I might require surgery where they would break my jaw and put it back into place and I was terrified. The doctors gave me medicine, but they said it just relieves temporary pain. I don’t know what it was, but one day, the pain completely went away. I believe it was some sort of miracle. The way I dealt with it, I kept praying to god and one day I believe he listened to me.

Some of the things I like to do to distress is to go to the gym. There are some days when I don’t want to go but when I do, I feel so good about myself. I love running. After I run, I just love the feeling I get. Another thing I like to do is hang out with my friends and family. I love hanging out with my mom, she’s my best friend and always gives me the best advice. I enjoy watching movies, that’s another way I like to distress. I think the way to end mental health stigma is to be there for one another. Talk to someone because that always worked for me. Having the support of family and friends can always have a positive effect and if we all did this, we can end mental health stigma. If you’re feeling down or depressed, find activities you enjoy doing or talk to someone because it can change your outlook on life. I’m good because I’ve learnt to deal with all the ups and down god has given me.

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