I’m Good Because I De-Stress

By Rebecca Rafael

Daily life can sometimes be overwhelming with all the responsibility that comes with school, work, friends, and family, etc. There are times when you can feel like you really need a break or you will go crazy. In order to not have a breakdown because of all the worries in life it is important to take time for yourself and do things that make you happy.

In order for me to de-stress I do several different things depending on my mood and what I want out or need from them. When I am worrying about something or when I want to clear my head I go for a run. I run around my community and it helps me feel better about whatever is going on. It makes me feel as though all my worries simply floated away and that everything is going to be ok. When I feel both mentally and physically tired from a long week I enjoy kicking back and watching a movie. It is a great distraction because it really relaxes me because it doesn’t require anything from me. It is my go to hobby when I feel like I have been working hard and need some kind of break.

Something that can almost always put me in a great mood is shopping. It is a huge distraction it is something I definitely enjoy and would do more often if I could. It is another form of floating away and feeling a sense of a high. When I shop I think the reason it makes me feel so fulfilled because it is a form of improving myself. For example, I attend college and I go to my job because they are helping me work toward my career. Everyday I try my best to be the best version of myself mentally. I believe one huge reason why shopping is also fulfilling in that sense is because it makes me able to physically see the changes that are going on within me in all its forms.

When I feel sad the best thing I can do to make me feel better is spending time with my mom and my little brother. Whenever were together it feels like home and the comfort it brings eases my mind and makes me feel so loved. The laughter and reminiscing old memories while also creating new memories is what can help me go through anything. People need to find hobbies and people who make them have a sense of comfort and happiness. Singing along to music is what brings me to another dimension where I feel free. Singing as loud as I want and to whatever I want can be great for your mental health. It can help you cope with your emotions or motivate you during a rough time. Music is a creative way to deal with the stresses of life and find hope and your light. For me all these wellness tools support me when I need it and play a role in my mental health.

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